Death Knell

by Pariah

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Welcome to the home of the outcast
An auditory cacophonous crucifixion of the lamb
We are the sound of the cast down
Heavy mind bear the black crown
We hail from a dark throne
Where the death knell calls to the rattle of bones
Through the fire, I'm reborn
My wisdom is cast in the sand
I alone carry this, and if you feel like I feel, then you're one of us
I gotta bury this rage underground, I'm insane
I spill blood when I'm on the stage
My inner beast is a ravenous hunger, never-ending decadence
Face-to-face with the knowledge that I race to taste
Sweet fruit, let me pluck one
Let the truth shine through when the sun comes
Morning Star rise high, like the pale moon in the night sky
Hail truth through the mind's eye
'Cause I came up on Tomb, bomb blasting atomically
Started at the age of 13, extreme
I heard the growl, the guttural, the scream
Tamed my anger and resentment with riffs, pills, and green
Isolated so I slayed with the sticks
Honed my chops trailer slumming in the backwoods, I got quick
Never believed in no backup plan
Learned to take it on the jaw, throwing hands with fam
Felt a burning from day one, they'd make fun
They ain't ever claiming I was anything but
A disciple of the beat, from the trees to the street
Boots stomp through this wicked land, sticks in hand
Kicks land with a sting
My belly full with the flesh from the angel's wings
Shout the songs we sing
Blaspheme, raise my glass in the name of the TST
Horns up if you vibe with me
I've given up on living stuck
Sick of the cyclical cynicism of simple kids who never seem to give a fuck
I ain't concerned with whims and pipe dreams
5 limbs, nice green, Royal Stoned is my creed
Deny me, my peeps slice deep with light speed
Try me, when I fly, you might bleed
Plan B never heeded cuz we holding it down
Fuck a knee, we don't bend to the crown
When it all falls down and they're hitting the ground
You'll be digging for that clout in the lost and found
We ain't fuckin 'round, take 'em all pound for pound
Fuck the world, Dissolute, worldwide underground
We ride til we die, for the unclean fam
Tell our story as we wield the god hand
We stay steady conquering conscious wasteland
On the edge of our existence, we bow to no man
I said it before, and I said it today
Let the meek inherit shit when the sheep turn prey
When the weak try to speak, they got nothing to say
Bunch of empty buzzwords, cuz they stuck in the grey
But it's still, "fuck what you heard", knock em outta the way
Still reppin' Ninth Order even when the wolves stray
Still taking my time to perfect the groove
When my beat's on blast they still move
Dissolute, living truth Royal Stoned all day
My people eat dreams when it's time to play
The backwoods blast double kick when brass smash
They ain't fuckin' with my meal, cuz we blast for cash
Strapped all day, stay tucking the steel
Praise the nine, we're divine
Every word is real
On the grind, seeking more, tryna free my mind
Living blind, I was poor, traded gold for time
My soul was torn nigh when I watched 'em die
Living dank alumni, can't sleep 'til I'm high
The fear when I dream runs deeper than I
So I swear upon my life that I'll remember the cries
I found a new drive, I'm bound to the grind
Let my lungs release my demons and it keeps me alive
Teach me to thrive, while I strive for discipline and inner peace
Feel like I'm searching everywhere, tryna to find sweet release
Bleed the freak, heed the weak, cuz evil speaks
Times are bleak, but rhymes teach, when the mind leaks
Let me reach even one, pull 'em up from the flames
So I can finally put some dirt on the shame
Back to to the roots, with the walls of stone
Walk halls that I called my home
I burn a candle for the sinners that I call my own
It's a new day, let it be known


released September 19, 2019
All music and lyrics written by Pariah
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Pariah
Ninth Order Productions
Mastered by Scott Gonzalez

2019 Ninth Order Publishing, ASCAP


all rights reserved


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